Thank You (2016)



We salute Bagshaws for enriching the lives and certainly gladdening the hearts of the impoverished barefooted communities by donating 150 pairs of shoes.

No longer will they have to walk for miles and miles to get to their destinations with bare feet on dirt roads, stones or mud in all sorts of weather.

Your generosity goes a long way in restoring a sense of dignity and pride in their lives.




We wish to thank Rizel Engineering Services sincerely for their generous donation of R5 000.00 for sterilisations.

RizelEngThanks to your kind heart and generous spirit there will be 20 ‘Township Tails’ wagging their tails in sheer delight at the thought of no longer having to produce litter upon litter upon litter.

Their lives will be changed forever. Please take a bow for your caring and compassion.

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