Operation Touch

This is a project that commenced in November 2013 where children from the Townships, Informal Settlements and Squatter Camps are transported to the Shelter where they are given a lesson in how to care for their pet and to treat it with kindness. Animal abuse in these areas is rife and we believe in starting at grass roots level in order to instil in the mind-set of the children the basics in animal care.

Operation Touch is held twice a month for between 60 to 100 children in any given month. The children, who are from extremely poor families, are given sandwiches, snacks, sweets and cool drinks on their visit to the Shelter. After the lesson they are then given the opportunity of interacting with the cats and dogs.operation touch

We have compiled a little booklet on basic animal care for the children, During the lesson they are given a box of wax crayons to colour in one of the 10 pictures in the booklet. They are then given the crayons to take home with them so that they can colour in the other pictures, together with a bookmark with Bible verses and sticker which says “I Love All Animals”. We make it a fun day for them so they will not be bored and hopefully they will tell all their little friends about the great day they spent at Operation Touch.

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