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In June 2013 whilst on an Outreach these two dear elderly souls were brought to us by the children of the owner who was at work at the time.  They told us to “give them the needle as they are in any event old”.  You can just imagine our reaction, being prof-life!  We rescued them from a life of abuse.  Johnny and Jessie both had severe mange and worms for which they were treated and are now a picture of health.  They have been living at the Shelter since their ordeal.  They are enjoying the good life of yummy food and oodles and oodles of TLC.  They each have their own nice cosy warm beds with lots of blankets and live indoors. These two precious angels feature on all our Collection Tins and are our “pampered pin-ups”.

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He was rescued from Motherwell Township, Port Elizabeth in February 2013.  He is a X-Breed and was approximately 6 years old at the time of his rescue.  Initially we could not locate the house so requested the Motherwell Police for assistance.  When we found him we were told by members of the community that his owner had died and none of the neighbours wanted him and kept chasing him away.  He had been neglected to such an extent that the severity of his mange left him with no fur at all except some on his head.   At some stage of his life his left leg just above his paw was broken and was left untreated with the result that the bone became calcified.  Needless to say he recovered very well from his ordeal and is now living quite happily at the Shelter with all the other residents.

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He was rescued from Motherwell Township, Port Elizabeth in February 2013.  He is a X-Breed and was approximately 1 year old at the time of his rescue.  A neighbour of Ginger’s owner contacted one of our volunteers to report that Ginger needed to be removed because he was ill.  Ginger had ringworm, mange and worms and did not look at all well when we found him.  After several trips to the vet he became more alert and interested in life.  Today he is a picture of health having made a complete recovery from his bad start to life.  He gets on with all the cats and dogs and loves people.

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On 15 July 2013, this poor wee lassie was spotted running in Burman Road, Deal Party, Port Elizabeth.  It took some fancy footwork to catch her as she was extremely scared.  She is a X-Breed and was approximately 18 months old at the time of her rescue.  She was covered in motor oil and hardly had any fur due to the severity of her mange.  The top of her head and ears were covered in scabs as a result of the mange.  She was extremely skinny and had a large raw hot spot on her back.  She is petrified of people so goodness knows the amount of abuse she suffered before she was mercifully rescued.  She is now a picture of health, has fully recovered from her mange and has a lovely glossy coat.  She eats well and has picked up weight thanks to a correct diet.  She still does not trust people but is quite happy to run with the rest of the hounds.

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