Animal Outreaches is a registered Non-Profit Organisation which was started in January 2009 by a handful of dedicated volunteers. The main focus of our Organisation is Outreaches, Sterilisations and assisting the Black Communities.

At Animal Outreaches we adopt a pro-life policy and our desire is to save as many animals as possible as we feel that every animal must be given a chance for a better life. It is only when we are confronted with a “no-hope” situation that we resort to euthanasia and this we do with much sadness in our hearts.

Outreaches are undertaken once or twice a week in the impoverished black townships as well as in the rural areas. When on Outreaches the volunteers dip, deworm, inoculate, treat animals for mange and attend to minor ailments. Any animal that requires TLC or veterinary attention is transported back to Port Elizabeth where it is rehabilitated and rehomed.

Sterilisation is high on our agenda. There are thousands of animals who lead a life of misery and suffering due to ignorance on the part of their owners. Most owners see their animal as a source of revenue and therefore the poor creature is bred until it can no more. Its life is one of sheer deprivation as it is usually undernourished to the extent that it looks like a walking skeleton, scrounging for little scraps of food here and there, has no real shelter or access to fresh water, and still has to raise litter upon litter upon litter until it finally just gives up on life. No thought is given to the animal’s well-being. Sadly, each litter meets the same fate.

Most animal owners where we undertake Outreaches live in abject poverty and although animals are our first concern, we cannot turn our backs on people who have virtually nothing. We therefore purchase food parcels for them with any BEE donations that we receive. All items that are donated to the Organisation i.e. clothing, shoes, books, crockery, blankets, towels, curtains, etc. are handed out to the poor and needy when on Outreaches. By educating and uplifting the people, it goes without saying that this makes a huge difference to the lives of the animals.

In November 2011 we were honoured to receive, from the organisers of Eco-Logic Awards in Cape Town, the Eco-Angel Award in recognition for the work we do in the impoverished areas, not only with animals but with people, more especially the elderly, and the three little girls who were burned in shack fires.

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